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Customizing Boba Fett

The spirit of 79' Star Wars line: The Boba Fett Kit Bashed firing prototype

We have all heard about the famous early Boba Fett prototypes made by Kenner in early 79', Here are my works on those famous , and unfoundable pieces.
i customized figures, even by casting lots of pieces to get this result, i also worked on 4 sided rockets repros.
The J slot Boba Fett is in every point the EXACT repro of the original one, also its mechanism really works, and actually fires the rocket!
I also studied the pictures of the original kit bashed prototype, in order to make the best repro as possible.The firing mechanism also really works.

Be sure you have checked my diffrent Custom pages in the upper menu: about my Sabers, and L slots Fetts repro
I made all those customs to fill the Holes in my personnal collection, as an architect, i love model making, so i guess that is why I just love the star wars universthat is a great source for diorama ideas.